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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Lawmaker proposes construction of Pacific Coast superhighway

A solon is proposing the construction of a superhighway linking the provinces of Bicol, Quezon, Aurora, Quirino, Isabela and Cayagan, supposedly to decongest Metro Manila.

"A superhighway linking the provinces of Bicol, Quezon, Aurora, Quirino, Isabela and Cagayan will cut transportation time and hence facilitate trade among them," said Rep. Aleta Suarez (2nd District, Quezon). "Increased trade in these provinces will mean decongestion of Metro Manila because of lesser migration to find better jobs."

Suarez added that linking both the Aurora and Cagayan ecozones would mean an attractive Pacific-side international trading center.

"Overall, the potential positive impact of this project will not only redound to the six provinces involved but to the whole country as well," Suarez shared. "An efficient and well-maintained road system would allow reduced prices because of competitive transport costs; better access to good-paying work and basic social services; production and marketing of higher-value cash crops; and supply of cheaper agricultural input. And good infrastructure also improves a country's growth prospects by strengthening its investment climate, thereby making it attractive to foreign investors."

To facilitate the construction of the highway, Suarez filed House Bill 331, citing the government's policy to prioritize infrastructure projects "intended to stimulate and catalyze economic and entrepreneurial activity and development in underdeveloped rural and countryside areas" to raise the standard of living and improve the quality of life for those living in and by these provinces.

How does the Philippine equivalent of the United States' Pacific Coast Highway sound to you?

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