LTFRB warns motorists to be wary of fake traffic enforcers

Be sure to report them, too
by Drei Laurel | Oct 19, 2018

The Philippine Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has issued an advisory regarding crooks posing as traffic enforcers.

In a statement released by the agency earlier today, it warned motorists to stay alert for criminals who disguise themselves as traffic enforcers and pull over motorists to ask for bribes.

Mayroong mga nagpapanggap na LTFRB enforcer na nanghuhuli at nanghihingi ng pera, the LTFRBs warning reads. The agency also reminded everyone that legitimate enforcers always work in groups and never as individuals.

You can check out the LTFRB's full statement below. If you happen to run into any suspicious traffic enforcers on the road, the LTFRB wants you to report the incident via its hotline at (02) 426-2515 or (02) 426-2534.

Damn. With the rise of social media, dash cameras and CCTVs, you would think criminals like these would reconsider their life choices. Hopefully, the LTFRB can get them off the streets sooner rather than later. Have you encountered any of these individuals?

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