Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Manila implements express lanes on Quezon Boulevard

Effective today, the city government of Manila is implementing express lanes on Quezon Boulevard, both northbound and southbound.

Southbound vehicles headed for Lawton are advised to keep left to go up the Quezon Bridge in Quiapo, while public-utility vehicles are advised to keep right. Northbound vehicles, specifically those going to Andalucia, Dapitan or Laong-Laan coming from Lawton are advised to keep left, while those going to Lerma or Morayta are advised to keep right.

The measure is expected to improve the flow of traffic, specifically for private vehicles, since public-utility vehicles are expected to stay on the right at all times.

Do you think this will solve the traffic problem in the Quiapo area?

Photo from Manila vice mayor Isko Moreno's Facebook page

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