Been to Marikina lately? Then you’ve shoe-rely seen these lights

The shoe capital of the Philippines is celebrating
by Jason Tulio | Nov 21, 2018
PHOTO: Marikina Public Information Office

First, we saw some Mickey Mouse-inspired stoplights put up by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in celebration of the character’s 90th anniversary. Now, Marikina City is getting in on the themed-lights action.

The city, which is known to many as the ‘Shoe Capital of the Philippines,’ is currently celebrating its Sapatos Festival. In line with this, it has decorated some stoplights with...well, shoes.

The lights feature shoes of all shapes and sizes, from heels to boots. You can check out the Marikina Information Office’s Facebook post below for a closer look. The city reassures motorists that these lights are big and bright enough to be seen clearly. In short, they’re sapat(os) for the job.

The shoe lights can be found at the following intersections: Sumulong Highway corner Shoe Avenue, Sumulong Highway corner Gil Fernando Avenue, and A. Bonifacio Avenue in Barangay Barangka. The festival runs until January next year, and features interesting events like the Tour De Takong, where participants run a race while wearing heels. That sounds fun and all, but we can’t help but wonder what their sole motivation is for joining. Get it? Okay, never mind.

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Anyway, aside from Mickey Mouse and shoes, what other designs would you like to see on local stoplights?

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PHOTO: Marikina Public Information Office
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