The MMDA is set to crack down on jaywalkers all over Metro Manila

Watch where you’re walking
by Drei Laurel | Mar 27, 2019
PHOTO: Google Maps

Crosswalks, people. Those white lines aren’t there for aesthetic purposes. They’re meant to keep both pedestrians and cars in check—and to keep them from figuring in accidents with one another. But if your own well-being isn’t enough reason for you to use pedestrian lanes, maybe this new directive will be.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced that local governments will soon deputize agency personnel to enforce anti-jaywalking ordinances. This means MMDA enforcers will be allowed to apprehend jaywalkers not just on major roads, but along Mabuhay Lanes as well.

This measure was agreed upon during a recent meeting between the MMDA and the Metro Manila Council (MMC). MMDA personnel will undergo seminars in order to familiarize themselves with each LGU’s respective traffic ordinances.

As of now, MMDA enforcers issue citations with a P500 fine for jaywalking. Apprehended jaywalkers also have the option of performing community service instead.

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So, when will this crackdown start? No word yet. According to the MMDA, Metro Manila mayors must still sign the approved resolution. It must also be published in major newspapers before being implemented.

You’ve been warned. Frankly, we don’t understand why it’s come to a point where a crackdown is even necessary. Just used the damn crosswalks, guys.

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PHOTO: Google Maps
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