MMDA looking to increase number of traffic enforcers

Because 1,400 officers aren\'t enough
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Sep 16, 2013


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority currently has approximately 1,400 traffic enforcers on its payroll. That figure, however, apparently isn\'t enough for the agency to cover the roughly 1,100km of the national roads in the metro, which is why the MMDA is looking to augment its manpower by hiring more traffic enforcers.

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This was revealed by MMDA traffic discipline chief Francisco Manalo at the recent Usapan AAP forum hosted by Automobile Association Philippines.

\"As much as we\'d like to put our traffic enforcers on every corner to assist the flow of traffic, we can\'t because we don\'t have the manpower,\" said Manalo. \"A lot of people are looking for jobs, so after undergoing the necessary training, they can work as our traffic enforcers.\"

So, if you\'re in between jobs and you\'d like to know what it\'s like to uphold the law, maybe you can apply for a job as a traffic aide. Depending on your rank, the job pays from P124,812 a year for a Traffic Aide I, to P166,680 a year for a Traffic Aide III. As for the qualifications required by the job, a high school diploma is a must.

Photo from the MMDA

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