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MMDA: Marcos Bridge to partially close down for renovation starting May 4

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Breaking news for eastern Metro Manila motorists—the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced this afternoon the closure of Marcos Bridge along Marcos Highway, effective 11pm on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

The first four months of the rehabilitation process will cover the eastbound portion of the structure. Following that, private contractors of the Department of Public Works and Highways will work on the westbound portion for another four months. For the meantime, the MMDA has advised motorists going to Cubao to use the service road in front of SM Marikina. Those going to Antipolo may take the westbound road as usual. Signs have also been posted along the highway.

According to the MMDA, at least 3,000 vehicles pass through the highway every hour. MMDA general manager Jojo Garcia said in his statement that the bridge’s rehabilition is long overdue, and that private contractors have been trying to schedule its repair since last year. Garcia noted that the challenge in the bridge’s closure is the adjustment of the truck ban to a 6am-to-10am window from the previous 7am-to-10am window.


To help motorists further, the MMDA has also provided a list of suggested alternate routes to take in lieu of the upcoming traffic changes. See all of them below:

Cubao-to-Antipolo routes

  1. From Cubao, take Aurora Boulevard toward A. Bonifacio flyover, straight ahead to Sumulong Highway toward Antipolo.
  2. From Cubao, take Aurora Boulevard and turn right onto Katipunan Avenue, then left onto Boni Serrano Avenue. Take FVR Road straight onto Macapagal Bridge, then Marcos Highway toward Antipolo.
  3. From Cubao, turn right onto 15th avenue, then left onto Boni Serrano Avenue. Take FVR Road straight to Macapagal Bridge, then Marcos Highway toward Antipolo. 

Cubao-to-Antipolo route for trucks

  • From Cubao, take Aurora Boulevard, then turn right onto Katipunan Avenue and left onto Boni Serrano Avenue. Make a  U-turn to C-5 Road, straight onto FVR Road, then take Macapagal Bridge onto Sumulong Highway toward Antipolo.

Antipolo-to-Cubao routes

  1. From Antipolo, take Sumulong Highway onto A. Bonifacio Avenue. Then, go straight ahead to Aurora Boulevard toward Cubao.
  2. From Antipolo, take Marcos Highway and turn right onto Fernando Avenue. Then, take A. Bonifacio Avenue and straight ahead to Aurora Boulevard toward Cubao.
  3. From Antipolo, take Marcos Highway, then FVR Road. Turn right onto Katipunan Avenue and left onto Aurora Boulevard toward Cubao.
  4. From Antipolo, take Marcos Highway onto FVR road, then straight ahead onto Boni Serrano Avenue. Turn right onto 20th avenue and left onto Aurora Boulevard toward Cubao.

Antipolo-to-Cubao route for trucks

  • From Antipolo, take Marcos Highway onto FVR Road. Turn right onto Katipunan Avenue, followed by a left turn onto Aurora Boulevard toward Cubao.
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PHOTO: Google Maps
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