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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - MMDA now provides real-time traffic video feed

If you find the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's Traffic Navigator app too "artificial" and not up-to-date in providing the latest traffic situation around the metro, the agency has come up with something that should be more to your liking: the MMDA Traffic Mirror.

Launched recently by the agency, the MMDA Traffic Mirror is a website that allows motorists "to get real-time video feed of the latest traffic situation on the road."

"With the fast-changing technology nowadays, Traffic Mirror is MMDA's latest offering to every motorist and commuter who wants to plan the trip ahead and avoid the inconvenience brought about by heavy traffic," said MMDA chairman--and huge Dan Brown fan--Francis Tolentino.

Accessible 24/7 for free on MMDA.NowPlanet.TV, the MMDA Traffic Mirror provides real-time video feeds, from nine closed-circuit television cameras installed along EDSA, C-5 Road and Commonwealth Avenue, which can be viewed from any PC, smartphone or tablet device.

"With the MMDA Traffic Mirror, motorists can see the actual traffic and flood situations in these three major roads, minus the cost that usually comes with these applications," Tolentino added.

According to the MMDA, the Traffic Mirror was made "at no cost to the government."

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