MMDA encourages netizens to report illegally parked cars via Twitter, Viber

Can technology help deter illegal parking?
by Drei Laurel | Jan 6, 2016

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) wants Filipino netizens to help deter motorists from breaking traffic laws and regulations via the power of social networking.

A tweet released by the official MMDA account urged Twitter and Viber users to report illegally parked cars and traffic obstructions through the two popular mobile phone applications. It's simple, really. Just take a photo of the vehicle or hazard, and Viber message or tweet the photo together with the time and location to the following number and Twitter account:

* Viber - (0906) 147-6975

Twitter - @MMDA (with the hashtag #NETIZENSWATCH)

The MMDA will then acknowledge and forward your complaint to a "Mabuhay lane" task force, which will then proceed to handle the matter as quickly as possible. You will then be tweeted or messaged updates regarding your report.

Will turning to mobile technology help the MMDA in reducing the number of traffic violators and erring motorists in our city streets?

Photos from Marlon Labrador Dela Cruz and the MMDA Twitter account

MMDA Tweet

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MMDA Tweet


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