Poll: Will enforcement of the motorcycle lane improve traffic?

MMDA will begin cracking down on November 14
by Dinzo Tabamo | Nov 11, 2016

After expanding the coverage of the number-coding scheme for cars, this time the government is training its eye on riders. The Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (I-ACT) is set to strictly implement the motorcycle lane policy along major roads in Metro Manila.

In cooperation with the MMDA, the motorcycle lanes on EDSA, C5, Macapagal Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue will be strictly monitored by traffic enforcers to see if riders are following them. There will be a trial run on Saturday and Sunday, and by Monday, November 14, the apprehensions—for those who don’t follow—will begin.

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MMDA general manager Tim Orbos said this would ease the traffic situation, as well as reduce the fatal accidents involving motorbikes. “Our objective here is not only to move people faster, but also make sure they reach their destinations safely,” said the MMDA head.

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At the moment, it’s not a pretty picture. About 265 accidents occur in Metro Manila daily, and 30 involve two-wheelers. In 2015, the MMDA recorded 18,668 motorcycle-related accidents, and 238 were fatal.

During the dry run this weekend, MMDA personnel will also inspect riders’ attire including crash helmets, pants and shoes. Motorcycles with no signal lights and side mirrors will also be flagged down.

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