Poll: Is the LTO's crackdown on 4x4 modifications justified?

The agency has yet to release clear guidelines
by Drei Laurel | Oct 16, 2018
PHOTO: Jama Ramos

Tension between the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the local off-roading community is high right now, thanks to the government agency's ongoing crackdown against modified pickup trucks and SUVs.

Some groups have pleaded with the agency, calling for a civil dialogue to tackle the matter, while others seem to be content with making memes or voicing their frustration online. Complaints from off-road enthusiasts and 4x4 owners have been widespread on social media over the past week, with many fuming over the LTO's sudden passion for apprehending them for even the slightest modifications. At least one motorist was allegedly pulled over for driving on all-terrain tires.

We communicated with LTO director Francis Ray Almora yesterday to ask for its side on the issue. According to him, authorities are merely enforcing existing issuances. The official added that the agency is planning to release clear guidelines regarding what 4x4 mods are permitted and what are illegal.

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Unfortunately, Almora's explanation probably won't be enough to pacify the country's livid 4x4 community. While we can see how some modifications might go overboard and pose as a hazard on the road, the LTO has to make clear what these modifications are, and what the basis is for banning them.

What do you think? Is the LTO justified in its ongoing crackdown, or did the agency jump the gun on this one? Let us know by taking the quick poll below:

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PHOTO: Jama Ramos
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