Report: Brand-coding traffic scheme, anyone?

As proposed by a concerned motorist
by Vernon B. Sarne | Nov 11, 2015

Brand-coding traffic scheme, anyone?

According to a Waze survey, Metro Manila has the worst urban traffic in the world. According to our own experience, that survey is probably correct. Traffic congestion in our beloved NCR has gotten so bad that affected motorists are willing to try anything just to solve the problem.

One such motorist, according to a report by GMA News's State Of The Nation, is a retired OFW by the name of Dominador Macadenden, who thinks he has just the fix for our traffic mess. His idea: brand-coding scheme (instead of number-coding). And by "brand," he means car brands.

Based on Macadenden's proposal, the following scheme shall be implemented for private vehicles (public-utility vehicles are to continue observing the existing number-coding scheme) for one full day (6am to 6am) each week:

* Monday - Toyota

* Tuesday - Mitsubishi

* Wednesday - Honda

* Thursday - Isuzu, Nissan

* Friday - Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki

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* Saturday - American, European, Korean and Chinese cars

* Sunday - Free

We'd buy a Mahindra Enforcer then.

But seriously, the idea was promptly shot down by MMDA acting chief Atty. Emerson Carlos, who wisely noted that the proposed scheme wouldn't work, for the simple reason that different car brands have different volumes of vehicle units running on the road.

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Anyway, this merely proves that everyone has had enough of the traffic situation in the metro, and that everyone wants to help. Got a better idea?


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