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Report: Solon pushes for new board to regulate car roadworthiness

The congressman cited the alarming number of daily accidents on the road
PHOTO: Jason Tulio

How would you feel about an additional regulatory board to monitor the state of our cars? Is this a good idea or one more area of red tape?

A report by reveals that Rep. Harlin Neil Abayon III is currently pushing for the formation of such a board. Tentatively titled the National Land Transportation Safety Board (NLTSB), the proposed organization would take over road safety regulation of all land motor vehicles from the Land Transportation and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO). And yes, that includes PUVs.

Under Rep. Abayon’s proposal, the board would have powers to evaluate vehicles’ roadworthiness, cancel or suspend driver’s licenses, and investigate road accidents. He cited the alarming number road crashes (300 per day on average, according to the MMDA) as ample motivation to establish the board. That, and the current bodies’ failure to manage these operations. He called the LTFRB “badly broken” while criticizing the LTO’s inability to issue license plates and cards on time.

“The PNP Highway Patrol Group wants a special unit created for road crash investigations. I am inclined to author and file a bill establishing this new office, including its data collection functions, but there shall be coordination with the NLTSB and clarification of specific roles, with the PNP most probably assisting the NLTSB,” he added.

The lawmaker says he will file a proposed measure for the NLTSB once Congress resumes session next week. What do you guys think of his idea? 

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PHOTO: Jason Tulio
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