Should gov't lift number-coding first before implementing carpooling?

AAP president thinks so
Sep 11, 2015

Carpooling on EDSA

Urban planners, what say you?

Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) agrees with the proposed carpooling scheme, but with a condition. In a statement sent to, AAP says that before the government imposes the carpooling policy on EDSA, it should lift the number-coding scheme first.

"While we agree with the DPWH's plan to ban vehicles carrying less than three passengers in order to encourage carpooling, the government should lift the number-coding scheme so as to give consideration to those motorists who follow this system," said AAP president Gus Lagman.

Lagman noted that the ride-sharing system has benefits beyond easing traffic congestion. "This scheme would not only result in less traffic along EDSA, it would also cut pollution and promote carpooling," he pointed out.

Supporting the move, the organization's leader proposed having arterial roads cleared of obstructions (sidewalk vendors and illegally parked vehicles) so alternate routes may be available to motorists who do not have enough passengers riding with them.

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"The proposed rule by itself would not solve the present traffic crisis, but we commend the DPWH leadership for considering other solutions such as flexible or different working hours for private and government offices," Lagman added.

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