Much-awaited video from TrackHos event released

Yes, these are cars plying Philippine roads
Mar 13, 2012

In late November last year, we reported here that an elite group of car enthusiasts called TrackHos had organized an event at the Subic Bay International Airport called The Mile. Back then, we only had a photo and an amateur video to offer.

Last week, Top Gear Philippines contributing writer and also TrackHos member JV Colayco sent us a link to a video that we didn't watch right away, thinking it was just one of those car-porn videos that get passed around. Turns out the video is the finished four-minute recap of The Mile, directed by Sid Maderazo and produced by JV himself. The outcome is so glossy and so impressive that it was picked up by Autoblog.

The best part? We learn from the video that the proceeds of the event went to the Philippine Red Cross "in aid of the victims of Typhoon Sendong." (Although back then, JV's statement sent to Top Gear Philippines indicated that the beneficiary would be the National Children's Hospital.)

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In any case, this is one commendable effort. Here's hoping that more TrackHos events--and videos--are in the pipeline.

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