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PGA Cars Inc., the official distributor of Audi vehicles in the Philippines, formally inaugurated its newest showroom with a posh ceremony at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City.

With a floor area able to display eight cars, the PGA Center, located at the corner of 11th and 28th streets, is Audi's third premium outlet in Metro Manila and it showcases the brand's international city showroom concept. Among its amenities are a communication platform where guests are welcomed, a café, an internet counter, and a Bang & Olufsen audio and video-equipped VIP lounge. It also features a handover bay where new Audi owners will receive their cars for turnover.

In his welcome remarks Audi managing director for PGA Cars Benedicto Coiyuto noted that "the showroom represents all of the hard work and dedication that the men and women of PGA Cars have put in and honors the success of our continuing partnership with Audi."

The executive director of Audi AG Overseas Region, André Konsbruck, likewise thanked PGA Cars for the partnership they have established in the last seven years. He added that Audi's "valued customers and the public of Manila will appreciate how the development team has paid finite attention in fulfilling all of the Audi terminal design requirements to the highest level."

The launch also coincided with the introduction of Audi's latest offering--the 2011 2012 A6, which was also unveiled at the showroom right after the ribbon cutting ceremonies.

PGA chairman Robert Coyiuto Jr. also took the opportunity to announce that his PGA Foundation will donate P10 million to the Don Bosco Technical School. This is in line with PGA's thrust to help train future Audi and Porsche technicians coming from the school.

It was an exciting night, indeed, but perhaps one of the most-awaited brand introductions from the distributor is yet to come. Banners highlighting the future site of the Lamborghini showroom, a marque PGA Cars will likewise carry, were conspicuously hanging just outside the launch venue.


(Update: It's 2012, not 2011. Thanks to the readers who pointed that out. And if you're wondering about the price of the Audi A6, PGA Cars said it is between P5.5 million and P6.5 million, depending on the options you  get.)

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