P4.515B of road-user's tax to be spent on road safety, maintenance

Our money at work, hopefully.
Jan 1, 2012

Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) secretary Rogelio Singson is assuring vehicle owners that the Motor Vehicle User's Charge (MVUC) they paid as part of their vehicle's registration fee shall be strictly used to serve its purpose.

"Road users are entitled to the services they pay in terms of smoother, faster, and more convenient travel and road safety," said Singson. "I have directed the DPWH field officials to ensure that MVUC funds are used solely for preventive road maintenance. Road safety devices should be installed in critical road sections to ensure safe travel or to locations called 'black spots' along national roads."

"Black spots" are identified sections of national roads where accidents often occur and are recorded in the DPWH's Traffic Accident Recording System (TARAS). TARDAS then determines which road sections need safety interventions to address the occurrence of road accidents.

"No more double decker guard rails, no more cat's eyes on just any road, no more chevron lined up like fences along the roads," added Singson. "These road safety devices should be installed where they are needed."

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To address these safety concerns, the Department of Budget and Management recently released P4.515 billion of the MVUC's funds to be used on national roads. Of the P4.515 billion, P4.13 billion is allotted for preventive road maintenance while P385 million is to be utilized for road safety devices.

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According to the DPWH, the P4.515 billion was released for the preventive maintenance of national roads and for the acquisition and installation of road safety devices per region as follows:

NCR – P580 million;

CAR - P120 million;

ARMM - P120 million;

Region I – P335 million;

Region II - P140 million;

Region III- P355 million;

Region IV-A – P565 million;

Region IV-B- P165 million;

Region V - P390 M;

Region VI – P421 million;

Region VII - P275 million;

Region VIII - P250 million;

Region IX - P160 million;

Region X - P254 million;

Region XI - P185 million;

Region XII - P100 million; and

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Region XIII - P130 million. 

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