PGA Cars reportedly to get Lamborghini rights on probationary terms

Can they officially secure the brand?
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jun 25, 2011

We reported here in April that local Porsche and Audi distributor PGA Cars would be bringing in the Lamborghini brand within the year. Well, according to PGA Cars motorsports program manager Menchie Ramirez--whom we bumped into at the recent 2011 Auto Focus People's Choice Awards launch--the Robert Coyiuto-owned automotive distributor is gearing for the formal opening of the Lamborghini showroom at Bonifacio Global City in September (barring any logistic snags, of course).

Ramirez, widow of racing legend Kookie Ramirez, said the Lamborghini showroom will just be a modest setup, and that they are conservatively looking at selling three units for the first year.

It seems odd to us that a high-end Italian sports-car marque would bother doing business in a certain market if the volume only involved a handful of units. So we asked around and were told by a knowledgeable industry insider that PGA Cars hasn't really officially secured the exclusive distributorship rights to Lamborghini. What PGA Cars has secured, our source said, is the permit to sell units and perform limited service on the units that they manage to sell. By limited service, we mean oil change and brake-pad replacement. For more complicated service requirements, a qualified Lamborghini technician will have to be flown in, our informant explained.

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Our source added that PGA Cars could eventually achieve official-distributor status depending on its sales performance, although he said this could be a very tall order since Lamborghini is demanding a 20-unit-per-year output. PGA Cars sold 147 Porsche and 290 Audi units last year, according to another source from the company. But Lamborghini--with much more expensive cars--is a different story altogether. Let's see how it pans out.

Incidentally, PGA Cars seems to be very eager to become the country's premier distributor of high-end car marques. As we write this, the company is also moving to acquire the rights to sell Bentley cars here. No word yet on how far along they are with the negotiation.

So, do you think PGA Cars is doing the right thing in trying to get all the exclusive car brands? Will they be successful? Only time will tell.

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