PNoy shopping for presidential limousine - report

What limo should he buy?
Mar 8, 2012

President Benigno Aquino III is reportedly shopping for a new bullet-proof presidential limousine, three months after a lawmaker in the House of Representatives raised the issue of upgrading the aging Presidential fleet of motor vehicles.

"All heads of state are required to have an official vehicle but our President is using his own vehicle. It's unfair for the President to be using his own vehicle because when it breaks down, the repair fees can't be charged against public funds. That's the reason we welcome the resolution of the House in recommending that the President purchase a vehicle," Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said as reported by

Using President Aquino's contingency fund to purchase the new presidential limousine, Lacierda defended the planned purchasing, saying that it is a "necessary expense" to ensure the protection of the President.

"Compared to the billions we laid out for various government programs for our countrymen, this is a necessary expense for our President because all heads of state are required to have official vehicle. I think it is not hypocritical to say our President and our commander-in-chief is entitled to protection," Lacierda added.

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