PNP-HPG intensifies operation against use of illegal fog lamps

Cars sporting illegal fog lamps, beware!

The Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) has intensified its operation in different parts of the country against illegal fog lamps mounted on vehicles that often cause temporary blindness to drivers of oncoming cars.

According to PNP-HPG Director Chief Supt. Leonardo Espina, his personnel are also on the look out for powerful fog lamps that may trigger a road accident.

Espina said elements of the Police Highway Patrol Team-Agusan del Norte led by Senior Inspector Raymundo L. Salagantin flagged down two drivers for sporting fog lamps that were illegally mounted on their vehicle for violation of Presidential Decree 96.

HPG officials noted that many of the motorists in remote areas defy the ban on powerful fog lamps.

Salagantin's team was conducting road-safety routine security when they chanced upon the vehicles with illegal fog lamps.

The PNP-HPG chief warned that fog lamps with powerful lights and are mounted are subject to confiscation by the authorities.

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