Porsche starts taking orders for 918 Spyder hybrid

Time to take out your checkbook
Mar 22, 2011

If you want a fast, environment-friendly and rare car, Porsche has just the right vehicle for you. The German carmaker has announced it is now selling the 918 Spyder, a limited-edition hybrid that consumes only three liters of fuel per 100 kilometers and delivers a top speed of more than 320kph

There's going to be a bit of a wait though as Porsche will start producing the 918 Spyder on September 18, 2013--that's 9-18, get it? Delivery of the vehicle will begin in November of the same year.

"The design's DNA is derived from the Carrera GT and Porsche 917 sports car as well as the RS Spyder and is very closely modeled on the 2010 concept car," Porsche said in a statement. "Unlike the concept car, however, the production version of the two-seater, based on a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic monocoque, features a manual roof system with removable roof panels that can be stowed in the front luggage compartment."

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Under the hood of the Porsche 918 Spyder is a plug-in hybrid system that is composed of a V8 engine with a maximum output of 500hp and two electric motors--one on the front and one on the rear axle--with a joint mechanical output of at least 218hp. This combination makes it possible for the Porsche 918 Spyder to run as far as 100 kilometers on just three liters of fuel and emit only 70 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

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Despite its fuel-efficient features, Porsche said the 918 Spyder is a "super sports car" that delivers "performance of the highest order."

Orders for the Posche 918 Spyder may be placed for €645,000 or close to P40 million.

For those who can't wait, Porsche is also offering the 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder, which is also limited to 918 units but will be available starting June 2011. The cost? At least €173,241 or about P10.7 million.

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