Pirelli to remain as Formula 1\'s tire supplier until 2016

Despite last season\'s tire-wear issues
Jan 17, 2014


Despite the tire-wear issues raised by Formula 1 teams during the 2013 season, Pirelli will continue as the racing series\' official tire supplier until 2016.

In collaboration with the Federation Internationale de l\'Automobile and the Formula 1 teams, Pirelli will be implementing a few changes regarding the testing of its tires.

First, as prescribed in the 2014 Sporting Regulations, one of the 12 official days of pre-season testing will be dedicated exclusively to wet-tire testing.

And second, each team must dedicate one of their eight days of in-season testing exclusively to tire testing. This means that during each of the eight days of in-season testing, at least one team (and up to a maximum of two teams) \"will be concentrating on tire testing along with Pirelli\'s engineers.\"

\"Pirelli will continue to determine the specifications of the tires and to manage all aspects of their development, in close consultation with the FIA and the teams, and within the parameters set in the FIA Formula One Sporting and technical Regulations,\" Pirelly said in its statement.

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