Shell releases 'Horse Power' short film before start of 2014 F1 season

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by Sharleen Banzon | Mar 13, 2014

Shell releases 'Horse Power' short film

Any Formula 1 fans out there feasting on preseason videos as we count down to this Sunday's first race in Australia? We definitely are, and this year, we've been spoiled for choice. In their respective YouTube channels, the teams are not only showcasing their 2014 cars and drivers, they're also shedding light on the drastically new technical and sporting regulations for this season.

Or maybe what they're putting out are disclaimers: "See, it's really, really complicated, so don't be surprised if we don't finish the first few races as we try to get on top of everything."

Red Bull, for instance, has come up with a cool clip, featuring a computer-generated RB10 that runs much more quickly and reliably than the actual one. Meanwhile, one of Mercedes's offerings is a 360-degree view of its very promising F1 W05, complete with a matching app.

Not to be outdone, Ferrari has decided to produce something more intimate and quietly artistic. The nearly 11-minute film, entitled Horse Power, is actually a production of team technical partner Shell, but it contains hardly any of the corporate spins we were expecting. Instead, there's beautiful cinematography, dramatic voice-over narration (think Shakespearean theater), some frustrated Italians around the two-minute mark, an ever-determined Fernando Alonso, and even a nostalgic Kimi Raikkonen. Well, very vaguely nostalgic at best, but he tried, bless his icy heart.

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If you're a geek for anything Ferrari, Horse Power gives quite a few peeks inside Maranello, too. Check it out.


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