Spark, Orlando are Chevrolet Philippines' best-selling cars

Leading the retail charge in March
Apr 13, 2012

Yesterday, we reported the March 2012 sales figures of the members of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines. Not included in that list is the sales tally of Chevrolet. That's because Chevrolet Philippines is not a member of CAMPI. So we asked Chevrolet Philippines for its March sales numbers, and got the following figures.

For March, the best-selling Chevy was the Spark mini hatchback, moving 111 units. Second was the Orlando MPV, with 74 units. In all, the Spark has sold 332 units this year, while the Orlando has already sold 180 units since January. Overall, Chevrolet sold 294 units in March, bringing its year-to-date total to 866 units.


Chevrolet Philippines' March 2012 sales

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