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Suzuki has recalled 2009 to 2010 four-cylinder Grand Vitaras and in 2010 to 2011 SX4s in the United States due to a defective tension adjuster pulley.

In Suzuki's report to the United States' National Highway Traffic Safety Adminsitration, the tension adjuster pulley for the drive belt that operates the alternator, water pump, air conditioner compressor and power steering pump "has an improperly manufactured internal spring that can break due to repeated stress."

If the spring breaks, the drive belt could come off and make it more difficult to steer the vehicle. This could also cause the coolant temperature indicator to rise which can lead to the engine overheating, or it can cause the charging light to come on and discharge the battery or cause the engine to stall. As a consequence, either reason could cause the vehicle to crash.

According to Arvie Fugoso, assistant manager for automobile marketing at Suzuki Philippines, the recall may only affect the models sold in the United States as the American market get vehicles from a different plant and suppliers. Fugoso added though that Suzuki Philippines' technical department is already coordinating with Suzuki Motor in Japan to determine if any preventive measure should be taken by the local company.

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