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Tata Motors has delivered its first Nano city car, the world's most affordable car, to its first customer at one of brand's dealerships in Mumbai.

Ashok Raghunath Vichare received the keys to his Lunar Silver Tata Nano LX variant from the Chairman of Tata Motors himself, Ratan Tata, on July 17. The Nano reportedly costs Rp100,00 (just a little over P100,000).

"I hope the Tata Nano will bring motoring pleasure to those who will be buying their first car as also those who currently own cars but want a modern, contemporary, emission-friendly city car," the Tata chairman said in a statement.

Two other Tata Nanos were delivered to their first owners shortly after Vicare received his car, reported. Ashish Balakrishnan received the keys to his Sunshine Yellow Tata Nano LX while Kores India Limited took delivery of a Luna Silver Tata Nano LX as well.

The production of the Tata Nano is said to be on schedule, with Tata's Pantnagar plant, where the Nano is being produced, already sending dispatches to dealerships that have taken down orders for the car.

Due to production constraints, Tata ran a lottery to determine who would be the 100,000 owners of the Nano's initial production. More than double the number applied for ownership in June.

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