Team Hot Wheels successfully completes 'Double Loop Dare'

But not without a close call
Jul 2, 2012 Philippine Car News - Team Hot Wheels successfully completes Double Loop Dare

Team Hot Wheels drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy successfully completed the toy manufacturer's "Double Loop Dare" stunt at the 2012 X Games--but not without a close call in the end.

Though both cars would start on two separate tracks, they would merge onto one track at the top of the loop, requiring one car to start first--in this case, Tracy--followed by Foust.

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While the official Hot Wheels' video below doesn't show it, Foust barely cleared the jump that was the finale of the stunt as the rear wheels of his car almost touched the edge of the landing ramp.

In the end, the stunt was successfully completed giving both Foust and Tracy a Guinness World Record for "racing two vehicles through a six-story double vertical loop."

Watch the official video below from Hot Wheels and another one that showed the stunt from different angles.


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