Lamborghini joins global organization to create sustainable, low-cost carbon-fiber

Lamborghini, an expert in utilizing carbon-fiber technology in the automotive industry, has joined 12 other global companies in launching a project that "aims to produce advanced carbon fiber through very promising, low-cost and sustainable precursors, with relevant benefits to environmental and economic sustainability."

The project is called Newspec, which is acronym for "New cost-effective and sustainable polyethylene-based carbon fiber for volume-market applications." Its goal is to come up with carbon-fiber technology through the use of polyethylene that's derived from bioethanol and recycled polyethylene. The project's target completion date is in 2017.

"Lamborghini is happy to join Newspec and intends to share its facilities and research in order to increase the performance and efficiency of our cars while decreasing the impact of CFRP production on a larger scale," said Automobili Lamborghini board member for research and development Maurizio Reggiani.

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