This new radar technology warns riders of oncoming traffic

A great safety feature
by Jason Tulio | May 28, 2017

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When a collision happens between a car and a motorcycle, chances are that it's the latter who gets the worst of it. Motorcycles, by nature of their design, lack the external protection that a car provides. But a new bit of tech might just change the fortunes of riders everywhere. Australian vehicle-to-vehicle communications developer Cohda Wireless has developed a new technology to give riders added protection on the road. 

The new technology is a radar that gives riders a “digital protective shield” which warns them of oncoming traffic and cars before they see it. Production of the radar was spurred on by a proposed mandate from the US that requires all new vehicles to have vehicle-to-vehicle technology installed.

The radar is currently being commercialized by Bosch for Ducati production bikes, but it can also be retrofitted to any car or motorcycle. Cohda Wireless managing director Paul Gray said this radar is the next step up in safety tech after airbags and seatbelts.

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“Technologists have gone as far as they can in terms of minimizing harm during an accident and now it is about avoiding the accidents before they even happen,” he said.

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“If a motorcyclist is riding down the street, he will be alerted when a car turning onto the same road creates an opportunity for an accident. This can also happen when the car moving onto the road is not visible to the rider.

“The radar will also alert drivers who are changing lanes if someone is in their blind spot, which is quite an issue for motorcyclists.”

We think this radar would be a great thing to have on every motorcycle. Press play on the video above to see a demo. What do you guys make of it? 

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