The Stig's identity revealed?

Who is the man in the white racing suit? Car News - The Stig

So the Stig's identity is no longer the cute little secret Top Gear used to keep, what with an autobiography of the man in the white suit scheduled to be published on September 16.

Various news agencies reported that the Stig in the white suit is actually Ben Collins, a Formula 3 driver who will reveal his life as Top Gear's quiet yet kickass test driver in a book to be published by HarperCollins.

Here's a statement from Adam Waddell, managing director of BBC Top Gear:

"We're a bit disappointed, to be honest. But the thing is, the character is just a gag on the show and our viewers understand that. A website called Final Gear conducted a poll asking people if they want to know who the real Stig is, and the overwhelming answer was no."

Fans all over the world obviously share this sentiment, evident in the comments posted on The Stig's Facebook page which has over 2.5 million "fans." One fan has even made a group called "F*** you Ben Collins you ruined The Stig!"


BBC Top Gear has yet to announce if the white-suited Stig is really saying goodbye. If a new "secret" Stig joins the program soon, what would be the best suit color for him/her/it? Click here to vote.

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