Tokyo preview: Honda's next-gen electromotive concept vehicles

Japanese carmaker defines happiness on four wheels
Nov 10, 2011

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. is focusing on "what makes people feel good" at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show by showing off seven next-generation vehicles that may define its future. Three of the vehicles that will be on display are exciting concepts on four wheels.

As the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association focuses on the theme "Smart Mobility City 2011," Honda's concept lineup are composed of electricity-powered cars.

Honda AC-X Concept

This is a next-gen plug-in vehicle that will definitely make you feel you're in the future, so to speak. According to Honda, it has an engine-drive mode for aggressive driving and an automatic-drive mode for a more relaxed travel. It's desogmed to offer "a more comfortable and enjoyable time in the vehicle during all driving situations, from urban to long-distance driving."

Honda Micro Commuter Concept

As its name suggests, this is a micro vehicle for city dwellers. Honda's motorcycle and automobile research and development centers collaborated to come up with this tiny car.

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Honda Small Sports EV Concept

This is another next-gen electric vehicle but Honda said its name is still "tentative." That's probably why it just sounds so literal at the moment. According to Honda, the Sports EV Concept "maximizes the fun of driving while achieving excellent environmental performance." How? Guess they'll tell us more about it when the motor show opens.

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