Top Gear PH readers tell us what Lexus 'GS' should stand for

Answers range from funny to witty
Mar 5, 2012

What should Lexus "GS" stand for?

Last week, February 29, we posted this question on our Facebook page: WHAT SHOULD "GS" STAND FOR? The GS in question, of course, refers to the newly launched Lexus sports sedan. We weren't looking for the real answer. We were after witty, funny ones--original products of everyone's playful imagination.

The 10 best ones each win for their authors a set of Lexus 4GB thumb drive and F Sport shirt.

Here is the list of winners (note that for identical answers, we chose the first person to post his/her entry):

1. Gold Standard- Edward Alcain

2. Goddamn Sexxxy - Francis Mercado

3. Guaranteed Satisfaction - Gregorio Estrella Reyes II

4. German Slayer - Hansen Co Dy

5. Go Stig!!! - Dino Javier Bote

6. Gräfenberg Spot - George Norman Innis

7. Ganda Sobra! - Marco Rivera

8. Got Swagger - Jose Leandro

9. Game Stopper - Marlon Yap

10. Great Success - Koko Arceo

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Congratulations to all the winners. And thank you to all who joined. We had fun reading every single entry, and it was extremely difficult picking just 10 winners out of the more than 600 entries.

Keep visiting our Facebook page for more contests like this one. Until the next one...

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