videographer shoots Genesis Coupe promo clip

Hyundai's answer to Toyota 86 video
Sep 8, 2012

Hyundai Genesis Coupe video

When Toyota Motor Philippines hired filmmaker Sid Maderazo to produce a video for the 86 sports coupe, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. just had to hit back with a viral clip for its very own Genesis Coupe, the car many people are pitting against the compact Japanese sports car. That time of getting even has arrived.

Below is the new two-minute 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe video which you will be able to watch for the first time here on Like the 86 video, this one is filled with lots of drifting, tire-squealing and cool music. And who's the person responsible for this masterpiece?

Well, Hyundai hired our videographer Marco Paolo Subido to shoot and produce this Genesis Coupe promo clip. Check out the video and tell us through the comments box below whether you like this better than the Toyota 86 video or not. Enjoy!


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