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Top Gear Philippines Philippines Car News - Toyota Summer Promo  

Motorists planning to buy a brand-new Toyota Innova or Toyota Vios still have until the end of May to enjoy Toyota Motor Philippines Corp.'s Great Summer Savings promo.

Toyota Philippines is offering the 1.3-liter, manual transmission-equipped Toyota Vios and the gasoline-fed Toyota Innova J variants for as low as P6,400 and P7,400 per month, respectively, for up to 72 months and with a 50 percent down payment.

For those who'd like to place a lower down payment, the Toyota offers the Pay Low program that offers the 1.3-liter, MT-equipped Vios and the gasoline-fed Innova J variants for an initial P65, 000 and P79, 000 down payment, respectively. Innova buyers also get an added bonus as a one-year comprehensive insurance, three-year LTO registration, and chattel mortgage fee are included in the program for free.

Cash buyers, on the other hand, can also get up to P40,000 in savings for the Innova V, G, and E diesel variants.

The 1.3-liter automatic transmission-equipped Vios that was introduced recently is also part of the promo, with the Pay Light program asking for just P6,887 monthly for 72 with a 50 percent down payment while the Pay Low program only requires a 10 percent down payment of P72,000. Pay Cash buyers, meanwhile, can save P20,000 for the Vios purchase.

Pay Light and Pay Low transactions are subject to Toyota Financial Services' credit approval. Models included in the promo are Toyota Innova variants (except SR) and Toyota Vios 1.5-liter and 1.3-liter E variants only.

Let help you pick your next Toyota vehicle! Click this link to view the entire Toyota lineup available in the Philippines.

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