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Mar 15, 2011

Volvo S60 Get Ready for Action Video Contest

Members of the Top Gear Philippines team get crazy ideas all the time. Last December, we thought of going south of Manila for a food trip of sorts. The drive was documented as we gun for the top prize in the Volvo S60 Get Ready for Action video contest--with your help.

It was an all-girl trip and we left the boys fending for themselves in completing the magazine and updating the website. After all, we were bound to see a different set of animals during our joyride. (Kidding, boys!)

When our bellies were filled with exotic frog legs, spicy stingray and chewy snails, it was time for siesta. But instead of spending a quiet afternoon lazing on hammocks, we ended up playing with smart monkeys, a dancing bird and 18-foot pythons!

Again, our day with the Volvo S60, the exotic food and the friendly pets was caught on camera and it is Top Gear Philippines' official entry to Volvo's Get Ready for Action video contest.

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The time has come for you guys to show how much you love the TGP girls. Head on to, "Like" the page and "Like" Top Gear Philippines' video for your vote to be counted! Voting starts today.

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