Want to party with the Top Gear Philippines team?

20 invites up for grabs
Nov 7, 2012

Top Gear Philippines is throwing a party to mark its eighth year in the business. The party, called "Accelerate," is scheduled for November 12, Monday, to be held at Republiq Super Club (Resorts World Manila) beginning at 7pm. Now, here's the thing: We want to celebrate with a handful of our readers. (Actually, we want to celebrate with all of you, except that logistic constraints prevent us from doing so.)

So, we're giving away 20 party invites to 10 readers (two invites each). How to determine those 10 readers? Easy. The invites will be given to the first 10 to post in the comments box below their answer to this question:

Why do you read Top Gear Philippines?

Each answer must be accompanied by the reader's full name and e-mail address. We will notify the 10 chosen readers by e-mail within the week. We politely ask that only those who truly intend to attend the party post their answer. Let's party!

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Top Gear Philippines' 8th anniversary party

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