Ward's Interior of the Year winners revealed

See which cars are hot on the inside
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Apr 13, 2010

 TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - Ward's Interior of the Year (in photo: Chevrolet Camaro)

Ward's, a global car information resource, recently recognized ten vehicles with the best interior design.

Of the ten 2010 Interior of the Year award winners, three are locally available while one has been confirmed to be on its way to our roads:

Subaru Outback (Popular-Priced Car Under $29,999)
Volvo XC60 (Premium-Priced Truck)
Porsche Panamera Turbo (Inspired Design)
Chevrolet Camaro (Sports Car)

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Ward's recognized the Subaru Outback for its "remarkable comfort, features and versatility for under $30,000" while the Volvo XC60 easily endeared itself to Ward's editors with its "floating boomerang-shaped natural-oak center stack that begged fingernails to feel the grain."

The Camaro was honored for it "carries on some classic Camaro styling cues while delivering a host of contemporary technologies."

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The Panamera Turbo, though much maligned for its ungainly exterior "swept judges off their feet with a melange of ‘yachting blue' leather, creamy upholstery and artistically arrayed controls in the center console."

The rest of Ward's recipients of the Interior of the Year awards are:
Infiniti M56 (Premium-Priced car)
Lexus HS 250h (Hybrid car)
Chevrolet Equinox (Popular-Priced truck under $39,999)
Acura ZDX (Design Breakthrough)
Mazdaspeed3 (Brand Expression)
BMW 550i Gran Turismo (Design Versatility)

Ward's reviewed the interiors of 40 vehicles from March to early April for this year's Interior of the Year awards. Points were given to each vehicle based on the interiors' fit-and-finish, comfort, material, selection, safety and overall value. Ergonomics and how easy the buttons, switches, vehicle controls and USB audio jacks were also considered as well as the ease of entry and exit into the back seats of coupes and even the third-row seats of SUVs.

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"For years, the focus on safety and functionality has given us drab, uninspired vehicle interiors," Ward's AutoWorld editor in chief Drew Winter said. "This year's winners show style and original design is becoming as important inside the vehicle as it already is to the sheet metal outside."

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