Would you like to see more segment offerings do the same?
The US market gets all the fun.Toyota has made the US-spec Camry midsize sedan available with an AWD drivetrain-the first time the Japanese car manufacturer has done so since 1991 when it offered the 'AllTrac' version. The move, the
Bye-bye, turbo
The Subaru Forester has long been a favorite among motorists looking for a middle ground between practicality and fun-two qualities the last-gen model amply provided thanks to its rally-inspired underpinnings, excellent ride quality, and great driving dynamics.The Japanese
Not so boring now, eh?
The Toyota Prius isn't exactly a car you would picture kicking up snow or eagerly gripping curvy mountain roads. Yet here we are now, heading into 2019 with the Japanese carmaker's eco-firendly offering receiving an AWD performance boost in
We already wrote about the 2.0-liter Subaru Levorg wagon that will be revealed to the public this weekend during the Subaru Festival in BGC--but we didn't have a price yet. Well, here it is. The official price
A small off-roader that has a big following. Here’s why
Ever since the Daihatsu Feroza's local introduction back in the late '80s, its smaller-engined variants had been deemed inappropriate for the Filipino buyer's taste, so thankfully for us, we always had the beefier 1.6-liter version. This-combined
Nothing beats AWD
Eyeing to purchase a brand-new AWD vehicle this month? Then you'll be glad to know that Subaru-one of the best in the business of driving on all fours-is giving customers the chance to buy one of its vehicles
Driving Subarus made us realize this
Off-roaders are somewhat of a special breed. If you're a regular car guy, you'll be hard-pressed to find a logical reason to own an all-wheel-drive vehicle, because really, just how versatile does your SUV need to
With new tech and safety features
They say three's a crowd. But that's not true in the case of Mazda Philippines' trio of face-lifted 2016 CX-5 variants: the CX-5 Sport, the CX-5 Pro and the new CX-5 Maxx. These three new
Our tech guru has the answers to your car questions
I just recently acquired the refreshed 2013 Kia Sorento. I noticed that my SUV was marked as an AWD instead of 4x4. I have not asked Kia about this, thinking that AWD and 4x4 are the same. But I thought that there
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