Articles about Bayani Ng Kalsada Awards

Promoting heroism on the road
Four public-utility vehicle drivers are the regional recipients of Goodyear Philippines' 2012 Bayani Ng Kalsada awards, with one of them being named national champion.Luzon winner and taxi driver Glen Arcilla witnessed two motorcycle-riding gunmen shoot a married couple in
Get to know this year's heroes
Five public-utility vehicle drivers have been named by Goodyear Philippines as the 2011 Bayani ng Kalsada awardees for their demonstration of courage, sacrifice and concern for others through selfless and heroic acts."Goodyear's commitment to road safety goes beyond driving
Because there are still lots of good guys on the road
Goodyear Philippines has launched the fifth Bayani ng Kalsada Awards, a search for 'Good Samaritans' on the road "who demonstrate courage, sacrifice and concern for others through selfless heroic acts.""Our commitment to our customers does not end with our products. We
<p>Company to hold similar activity in Davao and Pampanga</p>
Tire company Goodyear Philippines is extending 111th year in safety innovation to various parts of the country with a roadshow packed with activities for motorists and car enthusiasts.After launching the Goodyear Pa Rin! roadshow in Metro Manila on August 21, Goodyear
When faced with an opportunity to do a good deed, will you seize it right away or will you think twice?This is the question posed by the Bayani ng Kalsada program, Goodyear's nationwide search for Philippine drivers who act
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