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This next-generation model looks sleeker than ever
It looks promising
Hyundai just keeps rolling out fast cars. Its N Division alone has released quite a handful throughout the year, including N Line versions of the Elantra, Sonata, and Kona.Now, it's Hyundai Motorsport's time to reveal its newest creation: the
Bring this here, please
The MG ZS and RX5 were relative surprises when they burst onto the local car scene over the last couple of years. A big part of this, of course, was their competitive pricing, but their looks had a lot to do with
Better safe than sorry
The coronavirus has claimed another victim in the global auto industry. This time, it isn't a car manufacturer's operations in the People's Republic, but China's largest car show.Yes, the Beijing Motor Show (also known as Auto China)
With extra 18cm of legroom
The other day, we reported that the Chinese have a fondness for long-wheelbase variants of popular vehicles, the BMW X1 being one of them. But what exactly is it that has the market enamored with the German crossover's extra length?
Does 0-100kph in 3.7 seconds
Say hello to the new Audi TT RS.We've known its arrival for a little while, and Audi has pulled the covers off its latest sports car at the Beijing Motor Show. Handy, given that its arch-rival--the new Porsche
And luxury brands are eager to provide
China is a potential goldmine for carmakers--so long as they're prepared to make cars that conform to the country's individual tastes. Which is why we've noticed a bizarre trend for long-wheelbase versions of not-very-long cars
Pair presented at Beijing Motor Show
The last couple of decades witnessed the Chinese economy grow by leaps and bounds, with residents asserting their newfound buying power in the form of brand-new rides. Many big-name players in the auto industry are cashing in on this, and
Now with 4-cylinder turbo engines
Safe to say we saw this one coming. Like the Porsche Boxster, the Cayman has also been given the 718 treatment.That means a thorough round of styling updates in line with the 718 Boxster, tweaks to the chassis, and a pair
We dig the refreshed face
For those who own the current Lexus IS, the good news is that the refresh is minimal overall, so your premium compact sedan won't feel too outdated. The bad news is that the bits Lexus did change are kinda radical, so
It has the tech to match the looks
To say that the world is in love with SUVs is a gross understatement. Simply take a look out your window while waiting at a stoplight, and you'll be amazed by the sheer number of these vehicles driving around.Don't
See what extra legroom looks like
Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled a new long-wheelbase version of its popular E-Class midsize sedan. The new car is built in China, specifically for the Chinese market. Measuring 5,063mm long, with a wheelbase that spans 3,079mm, the stretch
The Chinese market loves crossovers
After a teaser last month, Mazda has finally revealed the CX-4 crossover SUV ahead of the Beijing Motor Show, where the new model will be displayed. Its name would suggest it slots between the CX-3 and the CX-5, but
To bow at Auto China 2016
Mazda's Zoom-Zoom spirit is so infused into the brand that even the CX line of crossovers delivers loads of fun behind the wheel. And if you can't get enough of the CX-9, the CX-5 or the CX-
Sporting a more dynamic look
The 2015 Chevrolet Cruze unveiled at the New York Auto Show last week was just a refresh of the current model. Note that this is the first refresh of the current-generation Cruze in the US. Just to show you how important
Based on LF-NX concept
Lexus is reportedly joining the premium midsize crossover segment with the revelation of its NX crossover at the Beijing Motor Show in April.According to Toyota's luxury brand, the NX is a production-ready model based on the LF-NX concept
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