An interview with Marc Brunner
With an increasing number of Filipinos taking on bigger roles abroad in major international companies-especially in the fields of hospitality, construction, and IT-you could say these highly trained, knowledgeable, and skilled personnel are fast becoming our most important exports. Anywhere
This owner-type is really going places
Earlier this month, we featured the badass owner-type jeep drawing attention in the US car scene. We only chanced upon the vehicle via world-renowned motoring photographer Larry Chen's Instagram stories, and we took it upon ourselves to contact its
Iñigo Anton is a kid to watch
Anybody who has followed Philippine motorsports over the last two decades knows that Carlos Anton is a force to be reckoned with. The lowdown: He's a multi-awarded racer in various racing disciplines, ranging from slalom to touring cars. I know
Wini Camacho makes us proud to be Filipino
Contrary to popular belief, no production car (at least in this day and age) is designed by one man alone. Even the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro had a whole team of designers working under him during the conceptualization if the Delorean DMC-12.
There's a proper way of displaying it
Nowadays we see many Philippine flags on major thoroughfares, residential houses, business establishments, lampposts, and even on different traveling vehicles. But there was a period in Philippine history when the National or Philippine flag was not allowed to be displayed by anyone,
We like shiny stuff
Nowadays, it's becoming difficult to tell different custom choppers, bobbers and café racers apart from one another-they're all beginning to look alike. But if you think the era of distinct bespoke bikes is coming to an end, this little
The Force is strong with this one
Here at Top Gear PH, we love reading about rare cars. While most of the ones we hear about are vintage models, it's just as nice to read about modern rides that are unique in some way. Each car we come
'Big body 'yan, pare!'
Pinoys have a funny way of naming things, including all the weird and wonderful nicknames they've given to cars over the years. Obviously, some of those nicknames are based on popular trim variants of the car. People still call sixth-generation (
Read this if you're interested
Last Wednesday night, a Filipino startup company called H2O Technologies officially launched the Salamander amphibious trike concept, a locally made three-wheel special-purpose vehicle that can travel both on land and in water. We knew many people would be interested in
See the photos and watch the video
If you're into car customization, the name Atoy Llave will certainly ring a bell. The man behind A-Toy Bodykits and the company's aftermarket exterior designs is quite popular among Filipino car lovers. The curious thing you see here--the
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