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The used car market abroad looks quite fun
Cars, in our experience, Are only ever a few months (or indeed miles) from needing some great stack of money spent on them. With, of course, a few exceptions: electric cars don't seem to need much on a month-to-month
It’s just a prototype, but we’re not expecting a lot of changes from here
Blimey, we're jealous of Americans right now. Honda (well, Acura) is bringing back the Integra, and this is what it'll look like.Technically speaking, what you see above is the Acura Integra Prototype, but we doubt it'll change
Purists, rejoice
Very little about the next-generation Honda Integra was made known when the brand released a teaser of the vehicle late last month. All we have is that it'll be available as a five-door sedan like the original and will
This is basically a redesigned 11th-generation Civic
Your eyes do not deceive you. The image you see above is a new Honda Integra. Obviously, this isn't the actual next-gen sports car that Honda recently gave us a preview of, as we won't be seeing that one
The carmaker has just teased the all-new model’s stylish rear end
You may know by now that the Honda Integra is set to make a comeback, but we still don't have a lot of details about it yet. But now, the carmaker has released a new teaser image of the next-gen
These unofficial renders look properly Type R
We already know that the Honda Integra is making a comeback. Quite what form it'll take, we don't yet know. How we dearly hope it'll look like the car in these pictures.These rendered illustrations aren't official, but
Is there a chance of it landing on our shores?
There's plenty of big news streaming out of Monterey Car Week in the US. But if you've had your fill of £2m hypercars, then here's some marvelous news for those of us living in the real world: the Integra
A look back at Honda’s front-drive hero
We think of it as a quintessential '90s legend, like grunge or Jennifer Aniston's hair. The Honda Integra Type R's massive impact was thanks to its impeccable handling, razor-sharp five-speed gearbox, and hand-built 189hp 1.8-liter
An exclusive interview with our EIC
Right after race car driver Enzo Pastor was shot dead near midnight of June 12 this year, the rumor mill started turning. And it turned dizzyingly fast. There were theories, guesses, suspicions--all passed around the motorsports community in muffled conversations, each
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