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Guess what car he drove
They say that once you find yourself spouting off things like, "They don't make movies like they used to," then you've officially reached a stage in your life where some people might be inclined to call you old. Hey, it'
That backdrop looks familiar
Still counting the days until you can finally get back behind the wheel? Don't hold your breath. Authorities have extended the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine until April 30, and there's really no telling at the moment whether or not
‘Masyadong advanced mag-isip’
Sometimes, a new car comes along, with some radical new technology or concept, that turns the automotive industry completely upside down, creating new movements, market segments, or trends. These are not those cars. These are cars so ahead of their time that
Who remembers this workhorse?
Once upon a time, the Isuzu Gemini ruled Philippine roads. It was tough as nails, easy to maintain, and delivered excellent mileage. These once a-dime-a-dozen cars were eventually taken for granted, hence their rarity today. Good luck finding one
Do you remember these automobiles?
Never is the phrase "The circus is in town" more apt than when election fever hits. So far, we've seen a man who claims he's married to Kris Aquino, and a man who burned a Chinese flag, file their certificates
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