Check out the deals inside
Looking to ride out the summer in style this year? Lexus Manila has a couple of deals you may be interested in.The Japanese luxury car brand is making several of its offerings easier to own this year with low down payments
It’s where design and comfort intersect
When Lexus Philippines supervisor Jade Sison offered me the UX crossover for a test drive, I did an unusual thing: I asked what color the demo car was-something I rarely do in our line of work. You see, I'm going
“The application of electric feels entirely in keeping with its brand”
This is Lexus's first attempt at a pure electric car, based on the urban crossover/soft SUV, the UX. It's all traditional electric architecture under there, meaning a 54.35kWh slab of battery mounted low, with a 150kW permanent magnet
Available with 30% downpayment and 24- or 36-month payment terms
With promos getting rolled out across the market, October is shaping up to be quite the busy month for carmakers and a pretty interesting time for potential car buyers. The latest to reveal new limited-time offers is Lexus Philippines, which has
The carmaker claims this is the world’s first tattooed car
Obviously, you can't really tattoo a car because it's made of hard, unyielding metal instead of soft, absorbent skin. But what Lexus and experienced tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe have achieved with this UX is pretty damn close.The six-
It claims to have the quietest cabin in its class
Lexus revealed its global electrification strategy, 'Lexus Electrified,' during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Fast-forward a month later, and the Japanese carmaker has unveiled its first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV) at the 2019 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. Ladies and gentlemen,
“They’re a lot harder to draw than characters”
Lexus has commissioned three artists to create three rather unique pieces of art celebrating the Japanese form of manga. That's why, at this moment, you're staring at a samurai warrior atop a Lexus LC fleeing an exploding city. Yup, today
These kicks, Lexus says, have been created by a fashion designer
Tires have inspired many shoes. But we're not sure a shoe has ever inspired a tire. Until now, anyway.What you're looking at here is a completely ordinary Lexus UX crossover, except for the fact that it's wearing a
It’s a looker
Recently, we made a quick visit to the Lexus Manila showroom to take a closer look at the brand's latest offering, the Lexus UX. This model is the Japanese carmaker's first entry into the subcompact-crossover segment.Chika Kako, chief
As sleek as crossovers come
The subcompact crossover is a segment usually associated with affordability and mass-market appeal. As such, those looking to buy one are going to have a relatively more difficult time standing out.Of course, as with most cars, not all crossovers are
It will apparently handle like a hatchback
It's not as wilfully crazy as the concept UX we first saw in Paris a couple of years ago, but it's punchy nonetheless: This is the new Lexus UX.It will be revealed in full at next week's Geneva
Hit or miss?
A few weeks back, the world got a peek at the boldest Lexus to date: the UX Concept. The vehicle was a take on what could very well be the next premium SUV from the upscale Japanese marque. And now, it finally
Will debut at the Paris Motor Show
Lexus used to be known for its conservative and smooth-flowing lines. And yes, to some extent, it is still the case. But for those who are close followers of the Japanese luxury marque, they know things are changing-and for the
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