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We’d do anything to see this in the metal
Gran Turismo Sport isn't just everyone's go-to racing simulator-it's a technical tour de force. Visually, it's as close to real-life as you're going to see in a video game. It looks that good.Naturally,
Temper your enthusiasm, though—it's part of an electric range extender
We love a good engine here at Top Gear, especially good engines from Mazda. To be more specific, rotary engines from Mazda. Today, the company has confirmed it will-finally-return to the configuration it made famous via the likes of the
Is it still in the works?
Mazda has been particularly busy with its engine development of late. A couple of months ago, the Japanese carmaker announced that a new engine line, Skyactiv-X, was in the works. Its goal? To combine the best of both gasoline and diesel
They just keep coming back to it
Those who know Mazda and its place in car culture will always associate it with the rotary engine. But why is this powerplant design so important to Mazda? How does it work, really? And if it's so good, why haven't
For the year 2015
Believe it or not, concept cars are actually recognized for their looks and overall appeal. One such governing body that pays tribute to these vehicles is the Festival Automobile International, which recently named the Mazda RX-Vision the "Most Beautiful Concept Car
How soon exactly?
A certified head-turner at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, the Mazda RX-Vision Concept has a Kodo design-based look that easily reaps a million styling points. However, as with human attraction, the car's stronger charm is not its sexy
12 photos of the Mazda RX-Vision Concept
What was recently just a silhouette is now a concept car in the metal.Say hello to the Mazda RX-Vision Concept, the first vehicle to have its wraps taken off at the ongoing 44th Tokyo Motor Show. (See, you don't
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