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The classic Hardtop and the Countryman will stay put
Mini may trim down the number of models in its current product lineup, particularly when several of its models have reached the end of their product cycle."When we start to replace models, I think you will see that we won't
To bring world's longest wish list to Santa
On November 24, a fleet of Minis will drive from the BMW Group headquarters in Munich to the Finnish city of Rovaniemi, which is located in the Arctic Circle, to not only bring Christmas letters from all over the world to Santa
Check out the two-seater here
Just two weeks after Mini gave the public a preview of its Coupé, the British marque has officially revealed what is essentially the first two-seater in the brand's current model range."The Mini Coupé represents the faithful transposition of the
Want one?
The Mini Coupé is still in the development stage but that hasn't stopped the people behind the iconic British brand from giving us a glimpse of its new car while the rear is still clad in swirly black-and-white camouflage.
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