Really mild
It's time to bring out your magnifying glasses. The two Mini models that have sometimes been vilified for being too big--and therefore un-Mini--have been given facelifts. Well, sort of. Because the alterations are so subtle, you have to
But admits selling roadsters is tough
There have been rumors floating around that Mini will ax some of its models "to rationalize the range." This, apparently, has been refuted by an official of Mini's parent company, BMW.According to BMW board member Ian Robertson, reports that Mini
The British (paint) job
Like its corporate parent BMW, Mini is starting to fill niches we didn\'t think were missing. Its latest offering is the Paceman, which is categorized as a \"sports activity coupe.\" Or to make it easy for you to understand, it\'s
The classic Hardtop and the Countryman will stay put
Mini may trim down the number of models in its current product lineup, particularly when several of its models have reached the end of their product cycle."When we start to replace models, I think you will see that we won't
Because you can't have too many Mini variants
Mini has revealed what it calls its "seventh top-class athlete in the John Cooper Works range." To create it, the carmaker mixed the Sports Activity Coupe concept of the Paceman with the powertrain and chassis technology it developed using its extensive
A Countryman coupe?
Mini has another all-new model that it calls "the world's first sports activity coupe in the premium small and compact vehicle segment." The model's name: Paceman.The Paceman is basically a two-door variant of the Countryman but minus
With two new models to be produced within the next two years
Mini announced a little surprise during the North American International Auto Show, the same site where the British marque was relaunched by the BMW Group 10 years ago: The Paceman Concept is going into production.The announcement was made by Ian Robertson,
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