And here are the stars
From January 2018, you'll be able to enjoy living your life one quarter mile at a time. Scratch that. You'll be able to enjoy it one explosion at a time. Bring your own tuna sandwiches.Yes folks, Fast & Furious Live
A special-edition Xbox One S was raffled off
Last month, the late actor Paul Walker would have turned 44 years old had he not figured in that fateful accident with a Porsche Carrera GT back in late 2013. Walker was best known for his role in the Fast & Furious franchise,
Our retro wish list
Our brothers over at FHM Philippines recently reported that the legendary Nokia 3310 is going to be sold again in all its brick-shaped, rock-hard glory. This news got some '90s kids (including the younger TGP staffers) excited to see a
If rumors hold true, at least
It's beginning to look like crossovers are the in thing at this year's Geneva International Motor Show. First, it was Subaru teasing us with the all-new XV. Now, Mitsubishi has announced it will be fielding its own challenger at
So where will we get our local units?
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's plan to utilize its plant in Illinois in the United States to assemble global market vehicles begins next year with the Outlander Sport crossover utility vehicle expected to be the first model to roll out of the facility.
Global small car to be sold globally including Southeast Asia
Mitsubishi Motors president Osamu Masuko has confirmed the demise of US-made Eclipse, Endeavor and Galant as the Japanese car brand focuses on the production of global-market vehicles in its American plants.Masuko revealed via that the US-made
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