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“The part of Osmeña Highway which passes through Manila, Makati, Pasay, and Taguig is toll-free”
Enforcers are helpless in stopping riders from gaining access to Osmeña Highway
Did you ever play the 'cat and mouse' game? We can't help but compare this kids' game to the first day of implementation of the sub-400cc motorcycle ban on the northbound lane of Osmeña Highway, from Sales Bridge in
“Here is another clear case of discrimination targeted sa mga masang Pilipino”
Is this another form of discrimination against the masses? This question was raised by an official of Angkas as regards the prohibition of sub-400cc motorcycles on Osmeña Highway beginning on July 22, 2019.This means that a motorcycle coming from
Is this move related to the planned opening of Skyway 3 Section 1?
Do you live in the southern part of Metro Manila and regularly ride a motorcycle with an engine displacement below 400cc to and from the city of Manila? Well, this news will probably spoil your day.Newly posted traffic advisories say that
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