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The game has been quite a letdown
Badly optimized graphics, frequent crashes, stunning glitches, and overall poor performance have rendered one of the most awaited games of the season almost unplayable on consoles you and I most likely own-that is, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. So,
We like how it doesn't take itself seriously
We've got enormous fondness for classic arcade racing games. Hotshot Racing, out now on Xbox, PS4, PC, and Switch, aims to recapture some of that magic in your living room, and it does a pretty good job, too.Hotshot Racing's
Tired of the standard all-black PS4 controller?
Time to level up your gamer aesthetic.If you're tired of your standard all-black PS4 controller, PlayStation has just announced that it will be rereleasing some of its most popular colorways soon.These include the Berry Blue variant, with an
He’s not joking around
There's a saying in the horology world that goes, "The first scratch is the deepest." It's not a literal slogan, but rather, it talks about the emotional turmoil that comes with seeing the first hint of imperfection on a newly
Cool lola
Meet Hamako Mori, also known as Gamer Grandma. She's officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest gaming YouTuber, and she has more than 260,000 subscribers on her channel.Cool, a gaming lola. You're probably also
Along with some other classic rides
Eager to drive the all-new Toyota Supra? That's a tough ask, since the sports car isn't officially available in the Philippines yet. But the good news is that you can now drive it via your PlayStation 4. Gran Turismo
Have you grabbed a copy yet?
Gran Turismo Sport is not called Gran Turismo 7. That might sound like stating the obvious, but it's worth remembering. The venerable series' arrival on PS4 was always going to be an inflection point for Gran Turismo, as it was finally
Now this is a promotion
After months of unrelenting hype, GT Sport has dropped. You can finally buy yourself a copy of the game for more or less P2,600. If you're looking for a more exclusive experience of the title, you can grab the game'
For hardcore gamers only
Fun as lobbing cars around using a PlayStation controller is, both in games and in real life, if you want to be posting blistering, leaderboard-topping times on GT Sport, you'll need a force feedback steering wheel to plug into your
Watch 5 entertaining videos
If you're viewing this on a mobile device and can't see the video, please click here.The cars of the new Gran Turismo Sport video game look absolutely stunning. Polyphony Digital has really outdone itself with the latest installment of
Play it with ultimate realism
Video games are one of the most convenient and budget-friendly gift options around. Most titles and consoles are easy to get unless they're a new release, and even then it's rare that you won't find what you're
'DriveClub' to go on sale on October 8
The Mercedes-AMG GT may have only been launched this month, but buyers of the DriveClub racing game on PlayStation 4 may already drive it when the game goes on sale on October 8.DriveClub players can download the AMG GT for
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